Plassys evaporator installed

This month, we have finally installed our brand-new Plassys evaporator. With it, our lab can be considered completed. We are able to do all the experiment steps in-house: from samples creation, thanks to the Plassys evaporator, to measurement, thanks to our fridge system.

Second dilution refrigerator installed

Since the installation of the first dilution refrigerator did not pass much time. Nonetheless, our group prepared the laboratory for the installation of the second unit, this time the larger BlueFors LD-400 , which was installed succesfully last week. We are now ready to wire up and equip the fridges with our first in-house experiments. For more pictures click here .

Construction of the new QCT lab completed

We are pleased to announce that the constructions for the new Quantum Computing Lab (QCL) have been completed! After a preliminary phase of planning, a longer than expected phase of construction took place (thanks to Covid19), not missing hands-on work efforts by ourselves. The entire interior of the QCL has been renovated and rebuild to meet our demands and specifications. Andy designed a partition wall for thermal insulation demonstrating Norwegian rigidity and durability.