Start of the European QuantERA project SiUCs

Consortium project coordinated by IFAE

This month marks the official start the European project SiUCs (Superinductor-based Quantum Technologies with Ultrastrong Couplings), which was succesfully granted in the 2019 QuantERA call. The kick-off meeting is supposed to take place on May 4th, 2020.

The SiUCs project consortium follows a radically new approach to quantum computing: we will harness the potentiality of very large light-matter coupling - often referred to as ultra-strong coupling (USC) - instead of fighting it. In order to address this challenging approach in a controlled way, we will develop an architecture based on superinductors. Resonators and transmission lines built from such components display impedances close to the quantum of resistance (RQ ~6.5 kOhms) at gigahertz frequencies, with very low losses, allowing a boost in light-matter interaction. More specifically, SiUCs will focus on improving the efficiency of qubit operations involving light-matter interactions. In addition, superinductors will be used to engineer a missing device of the superconducting quantum circuit toolbox: the microwave single photon detector. Finally, unique many-body physics associated to ultrastrong couplings will be investigated thanks to purposely designed quantum simulators.

The consortium consits of:

  • Coordinator: Pol Forn-Díaz (Institute for High Energy Physics, ES)
  • Ioan Pop (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE)
  • Milena Grifoni (Regensburg University, DE)
  • Miroslav Grajcar (Slovak Academy of Science, SK)
  • Nicolas Roch (CNRS, FR)
  • Elisabetta Paladino (CNR, IT)

For more information, visit the project website or download the project poster .

Fabian Zwiehoff
PhD student at IFAE