David López Núñez delivers a talk to catalan students about quantum technologies

David López Núñez from IFAE’s Quantum computing laboratory took part in the Science week event of BIST by presenting a talk to high school students and teachers on the topics of quantum technologies and computation. Along with him presented two more scientists from two BIST centres, namely Dr. Maria Auxiliadora Padrón from ICFO, Dr. Sara Martí-Sánchez from ICN2. The talks was moderated by Dr. Federica Beduini (Outreach at ICFO).

The talks were given in catalan and the attendees learned what quantum technologies are and why they have become so important. The panel discussed how quantum physics allows us to study phenomena and properties that are not understood through classical mechanics. The development of new technologies was another major focus of the discussion. Quantum physics principles are being applied in the development of new technologies in the field of communications, sensors, and computing to address challenges such as the speed and security of information transmissions, the precision of sensors, and the energy consumption and heat emission of large supercomputers.

The talks can be accessed on BIST’s YouTube channel

Boris Nedyalkov
PhD student at IFAE