IFAE members organized the first Benasque Spring School on Superconducting Qubits Technology

IFAE members David López-Núñez, Fabian Zwiehoff, and Pol Forn-Díaz organized the first Spring School on Superconducting Qubits Technology held in Benasque (Spain). The school took place from the 11th to the 21st of April and saw the partecipation of more than 70 members from both research institutions and industry.

Quantum computers based on superconducting qubit technology are currently one of the leading platforms in the race towards quantum advantage. As a highly multidisciplinary field, it requires expertise in subjects like quantum optics, microwave engineering, circuit design, nanofabrication, measurement electronics and quantum metrology, as well as cryogenics. The school covered a broad range of subjects needed to work with superconducting devices as many invited expert speakers from universities, research institutes, and companies gave in-depth talks. The young participants also band together to host self-organized activity meant to exchange knowledge and establish collaborations in the relaxing environment of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual.

Elia Bertoldo
Post-Doc at IFAE