Open PhD Position for QCT Group at IFAE

The project

This newly open PhD position is linked to the project “Interaction of Cosmic Radiation with Qubits (ICRQ)”, where novel superconducting qubit circuits are being investigated with higher resilience to environmental radioactivity and cosmic rays by mitigation of ionizing radiation in the neighbourhood of the device and by implementing on-chip mitigation strategies such as phonon and quasiparticle traps. The project will involve performing measurements at the underground laboratory of Canfranc (LSC), located in the Spanish Pyrenees. The ICRQ project is coordinated by IFAE and it involves LSC and the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM-CSIC) as partners.

Required skills

  • Master’s degree (or being in the process of completing one) or equivalent in Physics in the area of quantum information science, quantum optics, or superconductivity, preferrably experimental.
  • Knowledge in the following topics will be highly valued: superconducting qubits, quantum information, quantum optics, superconductivity, microwave engineering, cryogenics.
  • Competences: Experience in programming, particularly in python, typesetting in Latex.
  • A high level of English, written and oral.

Your role

The candidate will be involved in the design, fabricate and characterize superconducting qubit devices to explore the impact of ionizing radiation on its coherence properties. This will require mastering techniques in finite element solvers for circuit design, nanolithography techniques for device fabrication, the operation of low-temperature cryostats, operating qubit devices with microwave instrumentation and circuitry.

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Elia Bertoldo
Post-Doc at IFAE